Remembering Dr. Ron

Dear Friends,

Dr Ron was diagnosed with Stage 4 inoperable cancer in early April, and went home to be with the Lord on July 12, 2019.

Ron’s memorial service was held Saturday, August 10th at Vineyard Christian Fellowship. Join us in remembering Ron by viewing the video below.

In remembrance of Ron, please consider a gift directly to one of Ron’s favorite charities:

Please continue to share your stories for the family.

Thank you for your prayers for the family! God bless.

Ron’s Memorial Service

“LOVE” by Roy Croft

I love you
Not only for what you are,
But for what I am
When I am with you.

I love you
Not only for what
You are making of yourself,
But for what
You are making of me.

I love you
For the part of me
That you bring out;
I love you
For putting your hand
Into my heaped-up heart
And passing over

All the foolish, weak things
That you can’t help
Dimly seeing there,
And for drawing out
Into the light
All the beautiful belongings
No one else had looked
Quite far enough to find.

I love you because you
Are helping to make
Of the lumber of my life
Not a tavern
But a temple;
Out of the works
Of my every day
Not a reproach
But a song.

Ron’s Journey Home

Jul 12—Ron has won the race. He is worshiping his Lord in Heaven and rejoicing before God’s throne. He arrived at his heavenly home at 12:40 pm today. I’m sure he’s consulting with the heavenly architect for the the best design of his mansion.

I understand that all of you were Ron’s favorite, so please continue to post your thoughts and sentiments on the blog instead of through personal texts as I will continue to read your kind words and will post further information again in a few days.

Jul 9—Ron is continuing to lose ground against this cancer. He is weaker and beginning to sleep more than be awake. 

The Hospice nurse came by Monday morning. After her examination she recommended having a regular schedule of low morphine doses to keep Ron comfortable. Upon checking him and seeing how quickly the ascites (fluid)has come back into his abdomen in the two weeks since the doctor removed 3700cc, and even more has come back, she feels we are in the last stages of life. She will be coming twice a week now, and increasing her visits as needed. Ron has been mostly sleeping yesterday and today, and he stopped eating on Wednesday. 

However, we had a wonderful time of prayer over him on Sunday morning after the church service. No immediate healing, but the support and love of friends and the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit among us was so amazing; reassuring and peace giving in the midst of our sadness. 

Pastors Alan and Kathryn Scott came with Bob and Penny Fulton and Mark Weber to pray yesterday afternoon. Very precious time. Again, Dori could feel the weight of the Holy Spirit.  

The prayer times yesterday and Sunday have helped Dori to feel ready for this next level of caretaker tasks. They gave her an acceptable time and a safe place to weep and feel the love of God and friends helping to shoulder some of the grief and loss.

Jul 7—The prayer was amazing and wonderful. Groups and individuals took turns coming over to pray over Ron and get a big hug. The glory of the Lord was all over us for over an hour. Ron came in feeling like he was at death’s door and was filled with the glory and love of God and his friends.

Jul 7—Ron and Dori had a wonderful time with their kids this weekend. This morning at church the big pray will happen at church at 11:45 for Ron’s healing. Ron’s body is shutting down and no longer works. If the Lord does not bring healing, he will go on Morphine starting Sunday night. Thank you all for your hope and prayers for this miracle. We can never fully understand why God allows some to be healed and others to go home. But we do know God is good, no matter what.

Jul 4—In order to understand todays update, you need to go first to Stories and read Kathy Frala’s post. Then go to How to pray and read the Einstein Quote. Do that now. We will wait. No cheating!  Okay welcome back.

Pessimist Update: As Kathy pointed out, Ron is getting weaker and weaker every week. He now has edema in his ankle. His body is being overtaken by the cancer, and we have no way to know when his Independence Day will arrive.  Because of this news, Dori called the kids and both dropped everything to come down this weekend to see their dad for what could be their last time together as a family. It will be a sad and sweet time. It is always a miracle when families can spend time together experiencing unconditional love for each other.  

Optimist Update: Ron has believed everything in life is a Miracle. It is a miracle that he is still able to eat and digest food at this late stage with the very aggressive doubling of the cancer from early April to early May. At that pace, the cancer should have prevailed over him by early June. Okay, Ron does look pregnant from the cancer and the ascites fluid in his abdominal cavity. Yet Ron is living a miracle in that he has faced death 6 times before and God delivered him. At this time all we can say is “not our will, Lord, but yours.” God is good. All the time.

Jul 2—Please pray for Ron Sunday morning between 11:30 AM and noon (PDT) we are trying to get the whole community to pray for Ron’s healing that day. We want to pray together because Ron’s health continues to slide. He has had nausea again, acid reflux, and he threw up at a doctors office. These were the reasons he was put into hospice. He has held on pretty well during this season, but is now very weak. Ron is showing that even if he is facing the end, he will be unreasonably cheerful and peaceful as he trusts in the Lord whom he loves and serves.

Jun 30—Ron feels he wish he could apologize to those he has known with cancer. Until this journey, he couldn’t really understand how difficult their lives had become. How hard it is to get comfortable. How much the pain saps your strength and patience. Dealing with growing weaker and sleeping all the time. Not wanting to be a burden, but what a strain their caretaker is experiencing. He wishes all of us with greater awareness can have greater compassion. Ron feels lucky that he has no fear, nor does he feel any less that God is good. He knows from his teenage trip to heaven (more later on that) that God is real and heaven is awaiting him. The tears still flow as he contemplates those he is leaving behind. All he can do is hope that his life has served as an encouragement to others about the reality of God being good and his wonderful love for us.

Jun 28—Update for the pessimists: The pain levels are steady, he is sleeping most of the time, it is difficult to walk at all, and most things (such as people or trips to the doctors) exhaust him. He is not hungry most of the time, but eats because he knows he needs fuel. The doctors appointments have made no real change at this time. He has finished his obit and is ready anytime if God calls him home.

Update for optimists: Ron is still cheerful even though the pain is about the same. While he is sleeping a lot, it could be his body fighting the cancer as a result of the treatments to strengthen his immune system. He is optimistic that there is hope. He believes in answered prayer. He is a fighter, and will not easily give in to this illness. He appreciates all your prayers and believes it is making a difference. Thank you from he and Dori.

Update for former clients/patients: He is very sorry he didn’t get a chance to say good bye to each of you in person when he had energy left. He feels even if he recovers he likely won’t have the energy to counsel again for quite a while. He wishes you all the best and hope that you experience the peace and love of God.

Jun 25—Given how much less pain Dr Ron is in because of the procedure, the hospice nurse has asked the MD to schedule another every four weeks to give him some relief. Thank you again for all your prayers. God is good.

Jun 23—Ron was very tired at church but got prayer from friends and Eric who was visiting from BethEl church. He had a quiet afternoon with family and slept the rest of Sunday. His pain level is still lower since the procedure. Thank you God and thank you for your prayers.

Jun 21—Ron had the paracentesis this afternoon. They removed 3700cc (about 8 lbs of fluid) from his abdominal cavity. It’s amazing how much easier it is for him to breathe and sit. The pain level is down. They said the cancer leaks this fluid and there was no where for it to go. They also said it will last about a month. Thank you Lord that Ron was able to get hospice to approve and get it done. God bless and thanks for your prayers

Jun 21—Thank you God! Ron has a Paracentesis scheduled for 10:30 this morning! He should be 10+ lbs lighter and far less pregnant looking by this afternoon. Also should have far less pressure and pain. Thank you, prayer family. God is good.

Jun 20—Hopefully will hear about the procedure to reduce the pressure and pain in the next few days. Still sleeping a lot. Thanks for the prayers.

Jun 18—Dr. King this morning has approved having the hospital try to remove some of the 10lbs of fluid in Ron’s abdominal cavity. That should give him some relief from the pain and make movement much easier.

Jun 17—Ascites is the term used to denote increased fluid in the peritoneal cavity. It is a cause of a major amount of pain currently. Ron is going to request that hospice get him a paracentesis at the hospital to help remove excess fluid in the abdomen. This could help remove a great deal of the discomfort and pain that he is experiencing. Ron had a great Father’s Day with 4 Families with a great time of sharing about his Vision of God. He also talked to both of his kids via phone. He is resting comfortably tonight and is expected to sleep through the night without incident. Thank you again for all your prayers. God is good. All the time.

June 14—Ron’s fever and chills has passed, and he is sleeping better. The doctor visits on Thursday seem to have helped his pain and energy levels. He was hungry again today. Still on a lot of pain meds to be honest, but not as uncomfortable. He and Dori are having many emotional  and tender discussions at this stage. Still hoping for all of your prayers to help his body fight the cancer and recover. He is very grateful for all of the prayers and support.

June 11—Having some fever and chills is making sleep more difficult. Ron is very tired and napping a lot. He is bloated and no longer hungry. He is on a fair amount of pain medicine again, but not morphine. He was blessed with a surprise in person visit by his BFF this morning (who drove down from San Francisco). 😊 Thank you again for your prayers. May God’s will for Ron’s future be done!

June 9—Saturday morning, Ron slept in so late that Dori waited to be sure he was breathing before entering the hospice room at 11:45 am. Pain level stable with regular pills. Had a splendid time at Brian Rowe’s 60th party last evening. Sunday morning church was wonderful. Alan’s teaching and Jeremy’s worship are a little bit of heaven on earth. Good friends, Dave and Jay, helped me get around with their shoulders. 😊 Great lunch with Bill and Ruth, and quiet afternoon. Talked with some friends going thru a rough stretch and hopefully helped. Thanks again for your prayers.

June 7—Yesterday was kind of a lost day. Ron ended up sleeping most of the day. When evening came, his pain level spiked. Even taking the highest dosage of Hydrocodone did not stop it. At 12:30 AM, with Hospice nurse okay, they pulled out the Morphine. He took their starter dose and it STILL did not stop it all. He spent the whole night in the hospice bed. He awoke feeling better, and was able to attend a short event in the morning  (his God-Granddaughter Samantha’s kindergarten graduation). Then he slept when he got home.   We will see how tonight goes. Thanks for your prayers.

June 5—Last night was extremely painful and Ron could not fall asleep. More pain meds helped him to sleep. He woke up very tired but in less pain than when he went to sleep. We will see the hospice nurse tomorrow to discuss the pain levels and options. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

June 2—It was hard for Ron to sleep comfortably last night, making him very weak at church. He did get lots of encouragement and prayers from Liz, Pastor Kathryn and others. After church, he went right home and slept for 2 hours. He wonders if one of the protocols he is following had some negative impact. There is obviously spiritual warfare going on and that’s why the prayers are so critical. Thank you again for praying. God bless you all.

May 28—The best way to describe it is: Ron feels bursts of energy … and then has to take a nap as energy at 25% of previous levels.  Keep praying for the miracle. Thank you so much. Making progress on the neuroscience series for young people. God is good.  All the time.

May 26—Long day. Up at 5:30 and home just before midnight. Plane was hour late; long walks in airports; unable to sleep on plane. By LAX Ron needed a wheel chair for the 1/2 mile distance from gate to curb. Too exhausted for morning church; may try evening. Thanks again for all the prayers. No strong pains all day.

May 24—The severe pains that Ron had two nights ago seems to have passed. We did contact the hospice nurse about them. We have had a restful time and some nice dinners with Ray and Barbara from TX. Thank y’all for your prayers, we hope God continues to improve my health.

May 21—Ron continues to get lots of rest including naps during the daytime. He feels like much of this was deferred maintenance of a strong work ethic. He is still feeling much better and thanks you for your prayers.

May 17—Ron has one of the best nights sleep in 6 months. Can now move arm above head to sleep without pain. Normal movements. No acid reflux burping or stomach aches. Using almost no pain meds. Thanks to your prayers Maui is very relaxing and beautiful. Thank you again and God Bless You.

May 16—We woke up at 4:30 to leave by 5:15 as it was raining in the way to LAX. Flight was delayed for 30 min on tarmac, then 5 hr 25min later here we are! Already feel more relaxed.

May 14—Ron has been resting and taking it easy. Still planning to travel to Maui on Thursday early morning. While physically weak, he has many ideas floating around for the YouTube series on how to do life well for young people. Please pray the flight goes well and that they can truly rest while there.

May 11—The hospice nurse examined Ron at his home this afternoon and found nothing to explain the back pain. Since he is feeling less pain he has cut back on pain meds. He is in good spirits (what a surprise!). Enjoying Mother’s day with Dori, daughter and son in law, and son whose wife arrives tonight. Will be at church tomorrow morning then out to lunch as a family. Thanks for all the prayers!

May 10—Dr. Ron is in pretty serious pain today. Please be praying.

May 7—Ron is in a more stable place right now.  We are so thankful for the prayers of friends and family, and that the doctor was able to bring him back from a crisis point in the hospital over the weekend and grant him a measure of reprieve from the  cancer symptoms.  He’s even saying “l’m hungry” ….😀 He is on the anti-acid and anti-nausea daily, and takes naps in the hospice bed, but feeling much less discomfort. The stent has allowed some of the gas to flow into the colon. He still has no stamina, so no visitors, but we are grateful for this bit of “Sonshine.”  God bless you all.

May 4—After the palliative care appointment, they admitted Dr. Ron to the hospital for stabilization and another CAT scan. The scan shows the cancer has grown a massive amount in only 3 weeks. He was released from the hospital after his Home Hospice bed arrived this afternoon. Dr. Ron hopes to attend church on Sunday and see everyone.

May 2—After a week of bad sleep Dr Ron threw up at the Palliative care appointment which indicates the colon is now blocked. He has been referred to Hospice tomorrow.

April 28—Dr Ron and Dori are up in San Francisco to visit his Best Friend Dave, friends Jim and Vicki, and son André. The digestion issue is getting tougher, and he had acid reflux much of the night. He is down to one meal a day around noon. He had a rough night sleep, so he appeared very tired at church on Sunday. A nap helped a lot in the afternoon. Thanks for your continued prayers.

April 20, 2019—Dr. Ron, 63, who has been counseling for 35 years dealt with colon cancer last year, and this year was recently diagnosed with carcinomatosis, which is fatal. Unless the Lord does a miracle, he may be gone before years end. At this juncture, both the surgeon and Oncologist have said chemotherapy can only prolong his life a while, but that the cancer will prevail. Please pray for a healing so that Dr Ron can continue doing the work that the Lord has called him to do! Thank you.

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